General Information About The Studio

About The Home Stretch: Julie Mazer, founder and lead instructor of The Home Stretch Studio, works with her team of experienced and certified Instructors in a fully-equipped professional studio located on a quiet residential street in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, near Southport and Diversey.

• The Home Stretch Mission: “To help others grow by waking up the mind, body, and spirit through the Pilates Method . . . my life dance.” -Julie Mazer, home stretch founder

• The Home Stretch Approach: Our approach encompasses a commitment to the ultimate functioning of one’s body through a program focusing on:
– stretching
– strengthening
– mind and body integration
– balanced workout with quality guidance by certified instructors

To experience the full benefits of the practice, The Home Stretch recommends that new clients commit to a minimum of 10 sessions.

Private Sessions:
A 60 minute One-on-One Private Session with a Home Stretch Certified Pilates Instructor.

Semi-Private Sessions:
A Home Stretch Certified Pilates Instructor trains you and another Home Stretch client for a 60 minute session.

Introductory Session:
Find out how Pilates can address your personal fitness needs in a 30 minute consultation and demonstration with a Home Stretch Certified Instructor.
–$35, one time only