What is Pilates?

Pilates is a conditioning program that delivers simultaneous stretching and strengthening.

Pilates provides all of the following:

• a non-impact, balanced workout
• works deeper intrinsic muscles
• development of core strength
• strong and fit abdominals
• range of motion
• flexibility
• efficient and graceful movements
• improved alignment and breathing
• increased body awareness.

Pilates is an exercise system that incorporates aspects of:
• yoga
• martial arts
• physical therapy
• strength training

Pilates was developed in the 1920s by physical trainer Joseph Pilates. Joe Pilates devised a series of controlled movements that engage the mind and body in developing strong, flexible muscles without building bulk.

Emphasis is placed on developing deep torso strength and flexibility- known as ‘centering’- to ensure proper posture and reduced risk of injury; focusing on proper posture and technique rather than high repetitions.

“Stretching is considered important to better fitness, since it can enhance
aerobic and strength training as well as prevent and help repair injuries.”
–Richard Cotton, spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise.

Who does Pilates?

Since the 1940s, Pilates has been very popular with dancers, models and actors. It was adopted by dancers, Martha Graham and George Balanchine.

Today, Pilates’ followers and endorsers include:
• dancers
• athletes
• physical therapists
• fitness trainers,
• health care providers
• people of all ages
• people interested in rehabilitation, stretching and strengthening,
proper body alignment, and balanced mind and body.

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