Julie Mazer, Founder
The Home Stretch was founded in 1997 by Julie Mazer. Julie is a certified pilates instructor.

Julie has a B.F.A. degree in Dance and Psychology. She studied choreography at the Laban Institute of Movement Studies in New York City. This two year certification program in movement analysis provided her with a rich understanding and sensitivity to movement and a way to describe and notate body movement in great detail.

While raising a family of three, she found a need to get back in shape through her love of dance. Unfortunately, age, timing and lower back stress inhibited her dancing capabilities. At that time she became aware of the Pilates Method and found her answer and enhancer to her life and body.
Following a year of private Pilates instruction, Julie became a certified instructor. Prior to opening her Home Stretch Studio, Julie worked for 2 years as an instructor at a private studio in the River North area.

Julie on goingly participates in educational and training seminars to forward her growth and knowledge of Pilates and mind-body integration. Over the years, Julie has attended several workshops about Pilates in Chicago, California, Florida and New York.  Most recently, Julie attained certification in Thai Yoga massage. With her healing hands and feet she combines new techniques with her private instruction.

Deborah Peltz

Deborah Peltz

A stressful job and a “pain in the neck” drew me to the practice of Pilates.  It worked!  The pain was gone!  Some of the stress was gone too.  And,my regular sessions were the best part of the week.
Several years later, when the stressful job lead to a search for a career change, I decided to share my enthusiasm for Pilates and studied to became a certified instructor. Now, I work with clients to increase fitness and work out the kinks that we all get. In addition to my initial certification program, I participate in regular continuing education and workshops on body mechanics, rehab and teaching techniques in order to offer clients a safe, effective and fun workout.


Christine Edwards

Christine completed her Pilates certification through New York’s Physicalmind Institute in 2001. Throughout her Pilates career Christine has worked in environments that incorporate Pilates with physical therapy and rehabilitation. This has broadened her ability to work with specific injury cases and to incorporate additional post surgery protocol into her work. Thus, she has worked with a diverse clientele ranging from specialized athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the individual just starting a fitness program or recovering from injury. She enjoys collaborating with therapists to design customized individual workout plans addressing balance, mobility, stability and strength work to help individuals of all ages and abilities achieve their personal fitness goals.